Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Learning Experience

 Last weekend the Coulter & Coulter market stand made its first venture into large Home and Garden show world.  It had in the past been my gut instinct that it was not the right venue for us, unfortunately I was proved right. But its good to try new things out and meet new people.  I also loved all the people that came around the corner and exclaimed "This is more like it, this is what we wanted to see".  Here are the few of the things that I have learnt from our little adventure.

  1. Location, location, location.  Obvious really and something we were aware of already, but it was good to have this reinforced.  The craft section was tucked well out of the way and by the time the public reached us they were almost viewed out and just looked at us with a slightly bemused look. 
  2. Trust my gut instinct, it is nearly always right.
  3. Large shows are a great venue for promoting events, we gave away so many hand outs for the Made It Here Mid Winter market and had some great conversations about it with the passers by.
  4. Another thing that I should know by now,  display my prices.  People don't always ask and if they do sometimes my Scottish accent can make $15 sound like $50.
At the end of the day it was an experience made fun by the crafters either side of me and the lovely people who liked our work so much they took it home with them.

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  1. At least you gave it a go - and like you said, it's all experience :-D