Sunday, August 26, 2012


 Spring has reached Hawkes Bay a little earlier than the official 1st September date this year.  The rain has finally stopped falling for a few days and the sun has been shining.  Its great to be able to get outside to take some product pictures and enjoy the sunshine.  To celebrate I will be out in the sunshine at Havelock North Spring Fair, this event is run by Havelock North High and Intermediate Schools.  Check out their website for details, there will be heaps going on, something for everybody especially Dads.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life is never dull

 This week I have been making cushions, lots and lots of cushions.  Kiwi flag cushions, Union Jack flag cushions and wordy cushions.  When I am working I make a lot of mess, there is usually thread and offcuts everywhere.  I happened to leave a lump of cushion stuffing on a shelf, turned round to pick it up and somehow it had grown a beak and eyes.  Hmm I wonder who that was, Peter.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wiararapa Road Trip Pictures

Coulter and Coulter, well actually it was Coulter and Lancaster this time, has been out in the real world again on a road trip down to the beautiful Wiararapa.  My friend Keriann offered to help out with my market stall in exchange for a trip to all the op and junk shops on the way.  Peter was quite happy to be excused from coming with us and stayed at home to watch movies with our youngest.  Above is the view from the coffee kiosk in Waipukurau where we made our first stop.
 I rented the above pretty cottage for the night before the market.  Often when booking accommodation over the internet, it turns out to be not quite what you expected.  This time the house was more than I expected.  A very pretty little cottage, filled with beautiful furniture and set in a well manicured small garden. Inside the house was spotless.  So if you ever need a home from home in Grey Town, I can recommend Roses on West.
 The craft market was held in the Town Hall, Masterton.  My stall was on the stage, it couldn't have been a better spot, the lighting was fantastic.  All in all a great weekend, can't wait for the next trip.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preparation for a Roadtrip

 This weekend I am heading down to Masterton to the New Rags Market.  In anticipation of selling lots of goodies I have been making lots and lots of tote bags for customers to take home their purchases in.  I try to make sure Coulter and Coulter customers, including online customers, get a free tote bag with every sale.

My friend Keriann from Little Vintage, is coming with me to help out on the stall.  Or in other words - a girls road trip to visit as many Op Shops as we can find. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This weeks projects - Pillowcases

 This week I have been working on pillowcases, lots and lots of pillowcases.  Some with butterflies and others with roses.  I have also completed a custom order for a duvet cover to match a pair of pillowcases.  I think I need a bigger table for printing and sewing up duvet covers, I had to really focus trying to get it done on the kitchen table.