Monday, March 18, 2013

Tiny new addition.

What do you think of the tiny new addition to the Reclectica range?  The cutest little suitcase table with a multitude of storage uses.  Each individual piece from the Reclectica range has so much character perhaps they should all have their own names.                 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Raw Materials

 Since all but one item of the Reclectica range has been sold, its time to get started again on new stock.
 The garage is full of the raw materials, from pallets to sad old bits of furniture ready to be given a new lease of life.  As long as the basic bones are good they can be renewed.  And for those that are just too far gone, its always possible to strip them down to be combined with other bits to create a whole new beautiful item.
 So far only one item has emerged finished from the garage.  A lovely cute little stool, finished with a vintage 50's fabric in dove grey, cool jade and hot magenta which is available for sale on Felt.  Check back soon to see what will emerge next.

Monday, March 11, 2013

No more Havelock Jiggle

Apologies for another workroom story.  Peter managed to squeeze in time to put together my beautiful solid oak sewing table.  It has been lying in pieces since for ever.  It has moved house in pieces four times.  So no more jiggling and bouncing sewing table.  This one is heavy and does not budge an inch.  I love the legs they remind me of Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spot the difference

 The photo above is my stall at February Martinborough, which I decided looked just way to plain and needed to be brightened up.  So I added some bunting, a couple of new table covers and some of Peter's reclectica furniture and voila.
 A much more brighter and interesting stall.  The fair goers seemed to like it too, Peter's furniture was a big hit.  We came home with only two small notice boards.  All the rest are off to new homes.  One little map table is even on its way via suitcase to Christchurch.  Lucky it had removable legs.
What do you think of our first suitcase table?  Especially designed so that the legs can be unscrewed and placed in the case to be carried home.