Saturday, July 27, 2013


If light could be dark. If a bulb could put out black light, then the colour of that light would be indigo.

Blacker than black, indigo is the colour of the shadows. Those morning shadows that world emerges from so softly, so quietly.

For indigo does not speak. It is an absence of everything even sound.

It just is . . . as we should be.

(The photo is an indigo stained cabinet top. )

Friday, July 5, 2013


Inspiration. What is it ? Where does it come from ?

Well in my case it is often just  a glimmer of an idea, more a feeling really, set off by an object or sometimes just a shape. Like this desk - Nicola picked up a lovely rimu headboard and laid flat the shape just said "desk". But not just any desk. Add a drawer and  and some legs and a desk with more than a hint of the "Jetsons" or the "Thunderbirds" is revealed.

It all just came together in a lively simplicity. Plain oiled and waxed rimu, widely angled legs and slightly curved top giving life to the piece.

Lovely. You can see it for yourself if you like, I'll have it at the Havelock North Craft and Design Market tomorrow. I believe there may be chocolate cake too if you are early :-)