Thursday, February 14, 2013


 Coulter and Coulter now has a harder firmer side, "reclectica".  An eclectic collection of furniture both new and restored.  Every piece in the collection is created from re-purposed items or renewed items.
 From the very little bling boxes made from recycled timber and vintage fabrics to beautiful bits of New Zealand's past restored to new life.
 All available from our new Felt shop "reclectica".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The madness that is Martinborough Fair

 Martinborough Fair takes place in the beautiful Martinborough village twice a year.  And it is a very, very busy occasion, two hundred plus stalls.  In order to get my stall set up I had to turn up early in the dark at 4:30am, yes I did really say 4:30am.
 There was however a flaw in my cunning plan.  I had hired tables to use on the day, instead of using my own, so there was more room in the car for stock.
 What I had not figured out was that the people supplying the tables did not open till 6am.  It was nice to have an hour to wander around, watch the sun rise and see other people setting up.  Next month I will not be as early.
 As always at Martinborough Fair it was all worth it.  Thank you to all the lovely returning customers that came back to buy more stuff and thank you to all the new customers, hope you come back next time.  I do however think my stall looks very boring this time.  So I have a few plans and changes to make it more appealing next fair day.
 Added bonus I was just a few steps away from the jazz band and got to enjoy their playing.  Also a big thank you to Keriann from Sweet Mary, who ran my stall over at the Craft and Design Market, while I was away.

Almost forgot to mention that we got to stay in a tiny bit of paradise.  I would recommend Ambrosia Cottage as the most relaxing bach I have ever stayed in.  I am not sure why its not the poshest and did not have the best view.  But I felt the most relaxed I have been in years while staying there and I would love to go back again.