Friday, December 21, 2012

The true spirit of Christmas - the two amazing things that happened to me today.

Today, two amazing things happened to me.  But first I should explain why I have been ignoring you all out in the blogging world.   No I have not run away to a desert island.  A bunch of my friends and myself have set up a pop up market in Napier.  We have filled the shop with 20+ lovely craft stalls and are having a ball chatting to customers and selling lots and lots of handmade goodies.  Anyway getting back to my story about the kindness of strangers.  First of all I had a lady that bought a lot of items from my stall, then came back in to ask if she could buy one star, they were selling at $10 for 3 stars.  I said that she could have the star for free as it is Christmas.  So she then told my why she wanted just one star.  She had lost her niece who was called Star of the Ocean, what a wonderful name, and wanted the one star as a memory of her.  I felt so glad that that she had my star.  I hope she does not mind me sharing as I was really touched by her story.

Story number two started when Jo and I were serving a customer.  The customer was talking about how noisy the bagpipes were that were playing up the street.  I said how homesick it made me for Edinburgh when I heard the bagpipes playing.  A while later the lady came back again and presented me with a packet of shortbread biscuits to cheer me up when I felt homesick.  How wonderful is that, what a lovely person.  I am so happy that Christmas spirit is alive and well even in these materialistic days.