Friday, May 25, 2012

Its a small world ............

It was Craft and Design Market in Havelock North today, a day of nice surprises.  While taking pictures of my stall I accidentally got this small angel caught in one of the snaps.  Just a passing customer, but such a little cutie, she looks just like one of those cards you get with little cherub children from about the 1920s.  Her pose was so perfect I could not resist using her photo.
My second surprise was chatting to a couple who had just arrived from Scotland to visit their son and his family that live in Havelock North.  I asked them where they were from and  they replied Selkirk.  One of my friends from University, Pamela belongs Selkirk, you don't know her do you, I said.  The lady burst out laughing, it seems Pamela's mum is her best friend.  What a small world it is, they have traveled half way around the world and the first person they chat too is me.  It was so lovely to listen to their accents, nothing beats a Scottish Borders accent.
Third surprise was having some customers not only trying to buy the same cushion but also wanting the same bag to put them in.  Its nice that people like my products so much.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More excitement...........

We have been selected as the featured sellers on Felt for the next couple of weeks.   Its really nice to see our work featured on such an iconic crafty website.  Thank you Lucy from Felt for selecting us.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life is not all tea and cakes ..........

 Life is not all tea and cakes this week over in the Coulter and Coulter household.  Even thought we have some lovely new tea cosies in stock and more available later this week.
 This weekend has been a printing weekend, building up stock after selling so much at the Martinborough Fair.  My airing cupboard is full of blankets with their new patterns curing.
 In between printing I have been trying to get some product shots for new items in the range.   I managed to pick up a batch of lovely thick cotton, just perfect for tea towels.
 Here are a couple of them, they are available over in my Felt Shop.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

All the Fun of the Fair

 We had a great day out at Martinborough Fair yesterday.  The photo above was taken at 7:30am, yes really customers were so keen to shop.  That was me making my first sale!  I had not even finished setting up.   Thirty minutes later I was set up and ready to go.   Unfortunately the foot traffic past my stall was non existent, just a couple of kind souls venturing along to the end of the street to say Hi.  After a bit of negotiation with the organisers we found a vacant site around the corner on the main thoroughfare and they agreed that we could move.  It must have looked amusing the two of us carrying our fully laden tables through the fair, like something from the Chuckle Brothers.  It was not possible to walk around carrying the gazebo.  We did not get any snaps of our new site as we were way to busy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In among the Olive Groves and Vineyards

 Coulter and Coulter has ventured out on the road again this weekend.  We have stuffed the car full of goodies and headed down to Martinborough, to Martinborough fair.
 We are now installed for the evening among the vines and olive trees in a tiny little batch.  The fire is on and Peter has a cup of tea in his hand.
 Outside the window the sky has turned red at the edges, a great sign for tomorrow's weather.   It looks like its going to be a great day.  A very long day, we will be set up and ready to go by about 7:45, I hope.
Peter is going to spend the day drinking tea and getting pizza ready for me in the evening, I can't wait.