Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You never know what Peter will get up to in the garage next ..........

 To make sure my iPad covers are the right size for an iPad, Peter made me a cardboard shape the same size as a real iPad.
 A couple of days ago he disappeared out to the garage and would not let me see what he was doing.  It made me laugh my head off when he showed me.  He has made me a total iPad replica out of cardboard. 
 No more old lump of cardboard for my iPad covers.  I will just have to charge it up - he said and disappearing off out to the garage again.  Back he came a little while later you can see the results below. One day if I sell enough iPad covers I will be able to have a real version, but until then I love my cardboard one.  :)


  1. I have several embroidered 'stunt' gadgets ( ipad, kindle, iphone etc) , great for showing customers how they fit into the covers.