Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wiararapa Road Trip Pictures

Coulter and Coulter, well actually it was Coulter and Lancaster this time, has been out in the real world again on a road trip down to the beautiful Wiararapa.  My friend Keriann offered to help out with my market stall in exchange for a trip to all the op and junk shops on the way.  Peter was quite happy to be excused from coming with us and stayed at home to watch movies with our youngest.  Above is the view from the coffee kiosk in Waipukurau where we made our first stop.
 I rented the above pretty cottage for the night before the market.  Often when booking accommodation over the internet, it turns out to be not quite what you expected.  This time the house was more than I expected.  A very pretty little cottage, filled with beautiful furniture and set in a well manicured small garden. Inside the house was spotless.  So if you ever need a home from home in Grey Town, I can recommend Roses on West.
 The craft market was held in the Town Hall, Masterton.  My stall was on the stage, it couldn't have been a better spot, the lighting was fantastic.  All in all a great weekend, can't wait for the next trip.


  1. Sounds like you had a real fun time, cheers Marie

  2. Wairarapa is so beautiful, and what a pretty looking cottage!Look forward to seeing your op shop finds :)

  3. That must have been such fun! And that cottage looks like a super find!