Friday, June 15, 2012

Bad Habit or Good Habit

 I have to put my hands up to a small habit of mine, that some people find niggling. Yes, I am a doodler.  I doodle when I am on the phone, waiting in queues, well really just anywhere at all.  I used to get in trouble at school for doodling.  For me its a way of concentrating, if I am doodling I am listening.  If I am not doodling my brain will have wandered off somewhere else.  The doodle above was done in a meeting at work.  I asked Peter if he would make a wooden printing block for me, and two weeks later here it is.
 Below is the first test print before the final tidy up.  Its just how I imagined it would be, can't wait to try printing with it tomorrow.

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