Sunday, May 6, 2012

All the Fun of the Fair

 We had a great day out at Martinborough Fair yesterday.  The photo above was taken at 7:30am, yes really customers were so keen to shop.  That was me making my first sale!  I had not even finished setting up.   Thirty minutes later I was set up and ready to go.   Unfortunately the foot traffic past my stall was non existent, just a couple of kind souls venturing along to the end of the street to say Hi.  After a bit of negotiation with the organisers we found a vacant site around the corner on the main thoroughfare and they agreed that we could move.  It must have looked amusing the two of us carrying our fully laden tables through the fair, like something from the Chuckle Brothers.  It was not possible to walk around carrying the gazebo.  We did not get any snaps of our new site as we were way to busy!

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