Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The photoshoots and the reality

When I take pictures of our products our house always looks tidy, if a little lived in. I thought you might like a look over my shoulder at the reality. Above is a picture I took today in my workroom of my latest blanket creation, ready to be listed on Felt. Below is what my sewing room really looks like.
My sewing workstation and ever present ironing board.
Piles of fabric all cut out and ready to sew.
And piles of blankets all printed and ready to be finished off or stored away. Not to mention the little fluff bunnies that can build up with in a couple of hours of me cutting and sewing wool blankets. Hope I haven't shocked you too much.


  1. Keeping it real I say, lots of creativity here, cheers Marie

  2. Wonderful what you can hide with clever camera angles!! Looks a bit like my sewing room, but I think mine is messier I'm afraid

  3. Lovely to see behind the scenes, thank you for sharing :) When my boys complain of 'standing on a piece of wire' I know my jewellery making area needs reining in!!