Monday, June 6, 2011

Side Tracked

The way things were meant to work was - I did some drawings and Peter converted them into the printing blocks. I should have known that the carefully thought out list of blocks I was waiting for would soon be derailed. It sort of happened a bit like this. "Have you got any of my printing blocks ready today?" I innocently asked. "Well, " said Peter. Alarm bells started to sound in my head. "I found some really cool Gingo leaves on the way home. I thought they would make great blocks. So I did one." "Hmm...." said I. I could not argue really, because it did make an excellent printing block.
First I experimented a bit with various colours and angles.
Then printed the leaves on a beautiful piece of recycled cotton. The name of the fabric is Autumn Ginko in the Side Tracked series. I am sure you can guess why the series name came about and I am sure there will be a lot more successful designs to look forward to in the Side Tracked series.