Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspiration #2 - Leadlights

The inspiration behind our Napier Rose range of textiles was taken from the above leadlight from the Art Deco Rothman building in Napier. I took this photograph on a visit to the building with friends a few years ago. I have used the outlines of this rose already as a template for a quilting pattern. The plans for the Napier Rose textiles are underway and Peter is working on the blocks.
I really love the daisy leadlight below, it used to be in the Christchurch
Arts Centre, I have no idea if it survived the earthquake, I hope it did. But I suspect it didn't. I would like to use it as one of the themes in a range of textiles based on photos I took last time I was in Christchurch. At the moment they are all still mulling around in my head, keep checking back to see them here in the future.

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